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Parent Activities


The parents of our children are important partners for successful work - the promotion and development of the children. A trusting and open cooperation, in which one appreciates and tolerates each other, contributes significantly to success.

As a family-accompanying facility, we offer support and relief for families by providing reliable care for their children. We take wishes, criticism and suggestions seriously, and praise spurs us on.

We are happy to advise you on educational issues. We want parents who enjoy coming to the facility, who have confidence in our team of educators, who take advantage of our offers and feel comfortable.

Our parents council

In order to achieve an even closer cooperation, we have founded a parents' council. The meetings take place at regular intervals. The parents elect the parents' representative of their after-school group at the first parents' evening of each school year.

We are always available for you and strive to find a solution to your problem. In doing so, the well-being of our children is in the foreground. Whereby behind every solution there is also a compromise.

Our tasks

  • we represent the interests of parents in relation to the after-school care center
  • we give parents the opportunity to inform and express themselves
  • we deepen the relationship of trust between parents and educators
  • we support the after-school groups, if necessary, in the organization of various events

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